Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Phillies Making a Move?

The Phillies hinted on Tuesday that they are moving in on acquiring a starting pitcher, and all signs point to Roy Oswalt. This will be closure on a bad deal for the Phillies, who gave away Cliff Lee in the off season because of salary troubles. He is making nine million this year. Roy Oswalt has a fourteen million dollar salary this year. If they were to make this trade, they would get a worse pitcher than Cliff Lee for a higher salary. Ouch. They would also have to give hitting away in this deal, most likely to a third team to make the deal work. Jason Worth would most likely be traded. He is making around seven million dollars this year, but would be a huge hole missing in the lineup is traded. Jamie Moyer left last nights game with an injury, and they also optioned pitcher Kyle Kendricks to the minors. The Phillies are currently seven games behind the Braves in their division, and four out in the wild card.
Do you think this trade will help or hurt them. If you think it will help, will they be able to make the playoffs and contend for a championship?
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