Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess Who's Back?

Of course this would be Brett Favre! He's the most indecisive player EVER in the history of sports. It's ironic that he's so indecisive, a horrible quality for a quarterback. Actually, I wanted to bring up something else; ESPN has changed into a melodramatic news station. They milked the hell out of LeBron going to the heat, report on Tim Tebow everyday, and talk about Brett Favre's indecision every single day! ESPN's analysts constantly changed their predictions about where LeBron would go, and this just added to unnecessary hype and drama, which ultimately will cost the city of Cleveland millions of dollars and heartbreaks. Tim Tebow is a third string quarterback, yet he gets a story every day. Brett Favre is a crazy old redneck who can't decide whether he wants to retire or not, but I DO NOT want to hear about any of this EVERY day. Why can't ESPN be like it used to be, analyzing the sports themselves. I liked when highlights of a game weren't just a one minute clip and that was the end of it. Now, they're focused on these drama queens. It would be OK if they weren't shown every day, but ESPN is focusing on them too much. The anchors are still doing great though, this problem is with the producers or whoever it concerns. I wrote this poorly so you might not understand or be completely against this, so that's fine, but if you understand what I'm getting at then that's great.

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  1. I have to agree completely. The news station has turned sports into an almost showcase drama. Sports are not supposed to be a soap opera.