Wednesday, June 30, 2010

USA New look in 2014

Okay, so compared to the average American I am a soccer expert. But in the scheme if things I am far from one. One thing I know for sure is that the future of us soccer both on and off the field is bright. So knowing this I will try the impossible predicting the 23 players that will make the world cup roster four years from now. Hell I would be happy if I get 1/4 of the player right. I will do this based of the normal scheme of three goalies, eight defenders, eight midfielders and 4 strikers.

Goalies (3):

Tim Howard(Everton, English Primer League;31) ; goalies become good in soccer in there mid-thirties, Howard will be 35 next world cup meaning he could be better then he is now. Hard to belief because he is all ready one of the best in the world.

Brad Guzan (Aston Villa, English Primer League; 25); a young up-in-comer tagged has the replacement for Howard in the future so unless he gets hurt he will be on the team.

Samir Badr (FC Porto, Portugal; 18); a much younger prospect then Guzan. He is over looked because of the slightly older aged prospect Bill Hamid (D.C united, MLS). But his European experience can only help his chances.

Defenders (8):

Oguchi Onyewu(AC Milan,Italy;28); he will be 32 which is a little but old for the world cup but he will be the only veteran on the back- line because the other 3 starter in this world cup will be well over 32 and are to old to make the team. And a veteran on the back-line during a world cup is almost a must.

Omar Gonzalez (Los Angeles galaxy, MLS; 21); he is a young up-and-comer and could be looking for a move to Europe in the near future.

Gale Agbossoumonde (Sporting Braga, Portugal; 19); another young player European experience is priceless in this sport.

Tim Ream (New York RedBull, MLS; 22) currently in his rookie season with New York, he is also very likely to win the MLS rookie of the year this season. With 4 year to go he could easily spend a year or two in Europe playing before the world cup.

Eric Lichaj (Aston Villa, English premier league; 21) what can I say another young up-and-comer. His time in Europe will again be a huge advantage over his opposition.

Kevin Alston(New England Revolution,MLS;22) coming in to his rookie season last year he was expected to be a good average play but he has quickly become one of the best right backs in MLS.

Jonathan Bornstein(Chivas USA,MLS;25) after a good performance at Left back at this years world cup he is as close to a lock as you can get unless there is a complete break down. There are also many rumors about moves south of the border. A move which will be a good move because of the great attacking play in Mexico can only help a defender.

Jonathan Spector (West Ham United, English Premier League; 24) he can play either left or right back, but is much better on the right. His experience in Europe will be a big help to this young back line.

Midfielders (8): * this is the deepest hardest spots to pick

Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy, MLS; 28) while he will be 32 a little old. He is Landon Donovan enough said. There are also reports of moves to Everton and the richest club in the world Manchester City both in the English premiere league a move which can only help his chances

Clint Dempsey(Fulham, English Premier League;27) he will be 31 ageing for an international soccer player. He still will be a great player ahead of most other on the team.

Michael Bradley(Borussia Monchenglabac,germany;22) he has the brightest future of any us player. With rumors of move to arsenal and many other clubs in England. And was one if not the best player on the us team during this world cup.

Maurice Edu(ranger,Scotland;24) a player that is still young and has a good development curve. He will only get better with rangers. After this world cup he also might get interest from bigger European teams

Stuart Holden(Bolton, English Primer League;24) while he did not make a appearanceIn this world cup after making the roster the move to Bolton will greatly help his development.

Benny Feilhaber (AGF Aarush;Denmark;25)his performance at this years world cup will certainly draw much attention from bigger European club. His attacking flare is a need Part of the us team.

Jose Fransisco Torres(Pachuca,Mexico,22) a great attacking player and a smart decision maker is a needed part of this team. I see a move to Spain in his near future a move which will only help his chances.

Sebastian Lletget(West Ham, English Primer League;18) this was my hardest decision. But being this young and coming form a team that has produced players like Joe Cole, Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard and other great English players for bigger clubs is only a plus.


Jozy Altidore(Villarreal C.F.,Spain;20) he is only 20 and has a world cup under his belt. While he did not score in that world, ha played well in other parts of the field.

Charlie Davies(Sochaux,France;24) if he can return to his pre-crash world cup form, he could be the one to help jozy to get back on the scoring path.

Yura Movsisyan(Randers; Denmark;22) this is a stretch for most people and I know this but he has played and scored regularly in Europe something that can not be said about most us players.

Chris Pontius(D.C. United,MLS;23) this is again a very hard decision because of the lack of qualified forwards. But Pontius is a young up-in-comer that could use world cup experience


Jurgen Klinsmann; a German coach that took Germany to a third place finish in the 06World cup and was also the coach of Bayern Munich during the 08 09 season. This coaching resume is more then enough to make him the coach add to the fact he has lived in America for many years helps a lot. He was offered the job for the 2010 world cup cycle but turned down after a dispute over the power he would have. But I believe that both sides will work very hard to get a deal done this time around.

Most players are very young, but something that is not seen very often is despite there very young age most play in Europe. A new trend in American soccer, which will only help the national team. I believe that the future is very bright for this team and country.

Do you agree or disagree with my sections? Who do you think will be the coach?Will soccer ever catch on in this country?


  1. I think your comment about Howard is right. He will be able to lead the team deep into tournaments in the future. The USA needs a new coach, Bradley's decision to put in Clark cost them big against Ghana. I believe that for soccer to catch on in the USA the MLS needs to lure better players from Europe. The crop of the MLS is Landon DOnovan, who is most likely going to the premiere league. But I do think it could catch on.

  2. well that is the point of the designated player rule(the rule that brought Beckham here). the rule has been expanded so it allows for 2 players to not be counted for a much smaller part of the salary cap, then the old rule . there is a optional third players but comes with a large luxury tax. so i think after this world cup you will see a lot of more big names joining the league.

  3. Very interesting. Maybe a henry after a bad world cup will join

  4. there are reports of Henry joining New York and that he has already signed a two year deal. and there are also lots of rumors of Ronaldinho going to LA.

  5. That would be good for the league. Is Ronaldinho still a threat? He didnt make the world cup roster.

  6. check this link out

  7. Wow I feel like an idiot. Wrong link. The link was suposed to be to a yahoo article which talked about the pros and cons of Henry to the MLS. The pros were a high profile name and the cons were the reason he went is because he is not wanted in Europe anymore. I guess we will figure out which side is correct in the future.

  8. Ronaldinoho will still be a threat. i mean this is Brazil we are talking about there lineup is so good that any team would take a lot of the Brazil throw aways. and the part about him not being wanted in Europe is very far from the truth. they are reports of teams in England, Spain, and France all trying to get his services. but not offering the same money MLS is offering

  9. Do you think the MLS every has a chance of rivaling the Champions league or Premiere League? Or does the dollar Euro discrepency hurt that chance?

  10. it can become the premiere league they just need money. to get money they need fan support. something that is building. the pay role for soccer teams are similar too the NFL. so money is a big issue. another issue in america is the age of players. in Europe players start with team when they are 16 and really good players start at 13-14. something that would not be allowed in the us. but they have 30-40 players on there pay role fighting for 11 spots. making the young players much better because they have to work every day to get a spot and play against the best also.

  11. Random question here, but where did Freddy Adu end up? He was so hyped up and I havent heard about him in a year or so

  12. he plays for some Greek team. but by next world cup he will be 25 and be a 11 year pro.

  13. Does he ever have a chance of being a threat again?

  14. he was never really a threat just a way over hyped kid who cant handle pressure. just like in basketball you can be very athletic and skilled but if you are not smart you wont do well. he had skill but was not soccer smart.

  15. The media really hurts teams sometime. Another example being Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell.